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Classic chassis technology -- Citroen "rear axle follow up steering"

World classic car chassis technology
"When a car turns, the rear axle follows an Angle of deflection, which is called rear axle follow - up." The Citroen rear-axle steering technology has been hotly debated in the industry, and for cars, suspension determines performance. Most people do not fully understand the excellent Citroen rear axle follow - up steering technology and have not experienced it personally, thus losing the opportunity to enjoy it. To this end, Citroen xiamen shenghua yuan · car home technical experts for you to detail the Citroen rear axle follow - up steering technology.
Classic maneuverability and comfort
Anyone who has driven Citroen cars (including the senna, Picasso, Elysee and fukang) can appreciate its superior handling and safety and comfort.
It is its advanced "rear-axle follow - through" technology that allows drivers to remain calm in many situations. It works in emergency avoidance, high speed cornering and other situations, and a vehicle without such a suspension would have hit the back of a cliff at the same speed. 在2000年的西班牙拉力赛上,雪铁龙两辆赛车与FK相同底盘轻松夺取冠亚军。 After the race, the reporter on the spot interviewed the third place driver and asked him why he did not overtake the two cars. "Rear axle servo turn" technology gives excellent adhesion performance, vehicle can greatly reduce the roll force crew went into the back of the car, the car in the process of turning, the rear wheels automatically with the front wheel deflection a tiny point of view, even when you are in sharp curves is very smooth, not easy to spin or roll, ensure that the car passenger comfort and safety.
Classic technical concepts
In fact, the principle of the rear axle steering technology is very simple, the designer of originality has used a not complex structure -- "the front exhibition and front beam of the rear wheel", and achieved a classic effect :(1) the front exhibition of the rear wheel when the steering.  (2) rear wheel front bundle when steering. 
From a tectonic point of view, dongfeng Citroen car rear axle assembly and connection using elastic body, can not only reduce the suspension on the impact of the body, and when the car was going to, on the road to the wheels under the action of lateral force, before and after the deflection elastic block produce elastic deformation, the rear axle assembly with a small deflection Angle as the front wheel is the same direction, thereby increasing the car understeer, greatly improve the car driving stability and steering performance. All the components of the suspension and rear axle of Citroen cars sold in the market are installed on a bracket, so the structure is very compact and simple and reliable, and the maintenance is very convenient.
It is also understood that Germany's BMW automobile company has purchased the patent of "rear axle follow - up steering" from Citroen for BMW luxury cars.