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What issues need to be paid attention to when installing the engine assembly process?

1.All assembled parts must be cleaned, free from dirt, burrs and unacceptable parts.
2.Engine lubricating oil should be applied to the engine sliding and friction surfaces.
3.For the engine running clearance part, it should be inspected according to the regulations during assembly. If it is unqualified, the parts should be replaced or adjusted, and no excessive gap is allowed.
4.When assembling, pay attention to the direction mark and matching mark of the parts, and do not misplace them and reverse them.

5.For the parts that are loaded into the engine, such as crankshaft bearings, connecting rods, pistons, etc., they must be replaced by their original position. If they are to be replaced, they must be replaced in groups and cannot be replaced individually.

6.All gaskets and gaskets on all parts of the engine should be replaced when assembled.
7.The o-ring seal and shaft oil seal of each part of the engine must be in a perfect technical state. Under normal circumstances, new parts should be replaced.
8.For the parts that require the use of sealant, the sealant of the specified grade should be applied strictly in accordance with the regulations. It is not allowed to replace the glue with oil to avoid leakage and affect the assembly quality.
9.For the tightening torque of the fasteners in all parts of the engine, it should be strictly in accordance with the regulations and use a torque wrench for inspection. Never allow it to be arbitrarily, tightened by feeling, or twisted too tightly, too loose, causing unsafe factors.
10.When assembling the engine, special parts must be used for parts and parts that require special tools for assembly. Never use special tools for special tools to avoid damage to parts and affect assembly quality.