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The difference between hydraulic bushing and rubber bushing


The difference between hydraulic bushing and rubber bushing

Applicability varies, lubrication varies and frequency varies.

1. Different applicability: hydraulic bushing is especially suitable for exciting vibration frequency caused by low frequency action, and rubber bushing is suitable for use when it is inconvenient to install rolling bearings.

2. The degree of lubrication is different: when the leaf spring is working, there is no relative sliding between the rubber bushing and the pin, only the elastic deformation of the rubber bushing, so there is no friction and wear, and no lubrication is required, which reduces the maintenance work. There are no sets.

3. Different frequencies: The frequency and amplitude provided by the complete hydraulic device in the hydraulic bushing depend on the damping characteristics. It is designed according to the effect of the Z direction. The larger matching damping of the hydraulic bushing can reach the critical frequency of the spring support block (resonance frequency), the rubber bushing does not.