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  • ​Engine mountings, also referred to as motor mounts, are essential parts of the vehicle's engine assembly. They secure the engine firmly to the frame of the car, holding it in place and absorbing any vibrations or shocks that may occur as a result of running the engine.


  • As an important part of the car's suspension system, the control arm plays a vital role. The control arms connect the wheels and the frame to ensure smooth driving of the vehicle by exerting driving and braking forces on the wheels.


  • Rubber bushings are an important component in your vehicle, providing cushioning and support for everything from the suspension system to the driveshaft. These bushings absorb vibration, reduce noise and prevent metal parts from rubbing against each other, significantly impacting vehicle performance and safety.


  • Rubber bushings, also known as cushions or anti-vibration blocks, are elastic couplings that connect metal structures into a more complex component to reduce vibration and noise. They are an indispensable component of industrial machinery and are often used in automobiles, motorcycles, trains, aircraft and industrial machinery.


  • The degree of lubrication is different: when the leaf spring is working, there is no relative sliding between the rubber bushing and the pin, only the elastic deformation of the rubber bushing, so there is no friction and wear, and no lubrication is required, which reduces the maintenance work. There are no sets.


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